Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Notes from a madman: Jot notes on new morale rules

So right now between extreme overtime and travelling from coast to coast I am trying to rework the morale system from a "check to fail" to a more interesting partial results.

The basis will be the social combat rules of piecemeal. Launch "appeals", defend with "rebuttals" and score "influence". This in many ways mirrors combat.

Thus far I have the following notes:

Like regular social combat, score more influence than target's (unsure if leader or each individual) social score (social score now represents bravery as well it seems).

Standards give a bonus to presence.

Every round of combat is also a round of social conflict, limits on the tactics may be based upon the current causes for checks (felling more enemies etc).

The number of participants involved (group size modifier) work as size modifiers in physical combat. If your army outnumbers the opponents 2:1 then you score twice as much influence, and your opponent scores half influence.

The bard leadership skill I am thinking of using as an "Inspire" or "Rally" ability where you can restore points to your morale.

More to come...

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