Sunday, August 29, 2010

Older RPG's had it right, a stat mod above +3 is too much

For the last couple years it has been gnawing on me more and more with piecemeal, the stat mod going up to +5 for a 20 (1-20 spread instead of 3-18) is too much. With such a great spread it too important to have a great stat in some areas for some classes. I have taken some of the old school wisdom and I am limiting it to +3, even then only for a perfect 20 in a stat. Thus a +1 or -1 will be easy to attain, a +2 will be hard and a +3 will have to be something you really want (if you are using point buy), because it is not economical to the benefit you could be getting elsewhere.

This is the kind of pedantic and boring to read about tweaking I've been focusing on for the last month, about increasing choices and reducing problems in the basic set-up. I want a bonus to truly be a bonus, and not mandatory. I have also been tweaking the social conflict mechanics to make it more of a group activity. Trying to tie social conflict mechanics into morale is my next big project.

But yes, progress is occurring, it is just boring at this stage. Hopefully more interesting changes will be afoot soon.

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  1. Well, it's not that I think that the +5 is too large, but I think the abandonment of the Bellcurve has made things harder to manage. While easy to return to with 3E, I wouldn't be sure how to do it past that edition, honestly.