Saturday, August 14, 2010

Not Dead: Just recovering from GenCon

So I've been quiet these last two weeks, I'm not dead: just heading to and recovering from GenCon. It was certainly a sight to see, I met up with the fine folks of Fear The Boot, bought a copy of HeroQuest from Milton Bradley, found strange new dice (d14,d16 and hex, d24), met Aaron Williams of Nodwick fame...

I am working on some continuing tweaks for Piecemeal as I ready up for book format, a few new maneuvers and some more play testing of some fiddly bits.

One thing I will be adding is rules for playing gambling. This would allow for characters to play any game with a chance and social element (poker, liars dice, etc) as more than a "roll your poker skill", but as a separate event as interesting as combat (or as dis interesting if its just pointless gambling).

Is there any interest for a further write up here of the mechanics?

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