Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Gambling: PC's playing Poker

One thing that can add a lot of spice into the game is gambling. With high stakes games it can be every bit as interesting as a round of combat..

unless the mechanics involved is "make a gambling check".

Consider using the following mechanic. Each player in the game rolls a d20 and adds their luck score (if you don't have a luck score in your game, a straight d20). This d20 is rolled secret and placed under a cup or mug.

The players (and GM) then engage in rounds of social combat, betting. If social combat is won that player can then look under the targets cup. Highest score wins obviously (assuming no one folds). This can be used for straight money, state secrets on the line..or in a fantasy game for a poker game for extra years on your life, your soul, or what have you.

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