Saturday, June 26, 2010

Update: Piecemeal 1e beta 18 released

I pushed out beta 18 of Piecemeal. The included changes to the initiative system, tweaks to blunt weapons (mentioned a post or two back) and some changes to a few combat tricks and miracles.

The "prophecy" miracle for instance uses the same minigame mechanic I use for wish. The player uses 2 words (in this case "I Foresee" instead of " I wish") and has X many more words to add to the end for their prophecy. The GM then has half that many words (round up) to tack onto the end to subvert the meaning.

Unlike wish there is an extra stage. Both the GM and PC both add an alternative word to replace one of the other's words. This is an alternative interpretation and creates up to 4 combinations of a prophecy. Also unlike a wish, the prophecy may not make specific mention to people places or things, and has to use metaphor or implications.

And the combat tricks require a once over for some of the new ones (Fire Control, War Cry, Showdown, etc). As is the recent trend, this is both in txt format and the .exe.

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