Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tid-bit: A combat trick from the game

Combat Trick: Fire Control
Difficulty: 2 per point of base damage
After rolling for damage, the warrior may choose to ‘hold the shot’ and not actually fire. This still deals damage and does not use ammunition or require a reload.
The attack will only cause a loss of luck points and cannot cause body damage. If the target is unaware they are in a combat situation they will not lose luck points, though the attacker may choose to still ‘hold the shot’ and wait for a better damage roll before firing.

Mechanical Purpose: Allows the warrior to conserve ammo

Thematic Purpose: In any movie or book with a sniper, the sniper isn't firing 20 times in a row and "narrowly missing" nor shooting the target over and over again (the target shrugging it off). The target often does dodge as being tracked by the sniper (often followed by a red laser dot). This allows that to be replicated in game for sniper characters.


  1. Would you mind explaining this part: 'Difficulty: 2 per point of base damage'?

  2. Ah, the ability to pull of a trick is based on the warrior's combat training/modifier.

    So in this case the difficulty is based off of how much damage you are "holding off of". An inexperienced shooter would have more difficulty holding off on a shot.