Sunday, June 20, 2010

Some mechanics only become evident with ample playtesting

One of the changes I made to piecemeal to encourage different weapon usage, was that blunt, piercing and slashing weapons had slight damage tweaks.

Piercing weapons do repeating damage, slashing weapons do one damage die higher and blunt weapons did extra damage on a critical hit. Mathematically that balanced out between slashing and blunt. Though in play this caused an unfortunate "Wait for a critical" mechanic.

The combat would largely be ignored until the lucky 20 was rolled to end it in one go. So I am tweaking it again. The current idea is to allow a critical hit with a blunt weapon to give a chance to knock someone prone. It will be hard to balance (as being prone has different levels of severity based on location and situation).

So has anyone else had one of those mechanics that look good on paper, but extended play pulls up some unforeseen problems?

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  1. I had one, where instead of Armor Class, we used Defense (like in Star Wars Core). Problem is, the Monk managed to gain some nasty Defense of 30, where the Fighter only had 15. Strangely, he was always getting hit and hurt (despite his Damage Resistance from armor), and the Monk was always blithely unable to be hit. Sensibly, we scrapped that mechanic and made it more "in line" with the Defense as published in Star Wars and Conan.