Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Guiding principles of game design: Engineer VS Artist

In any kind of design work I personally view there as being two different types of mentality: The Engineer and the Artist.

The artist knows what they want to build but (in this example) doesn't know or potentially even care about the effects. To put this in game design terms, an artist knows a mechanic or a theme they want to build upon and see where it leads. They are building outwards.

The engineer (in this example) knows a goal or effect, and works for a way to solve the problem. They know how they want the game to play and work to make mechanics to suit it.

I guess it could be simplified further in that the artist knows the means but not the end, while the engineer knows the end and puzzles out the means.

So which type of tinkerer are you (most of the time)?

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