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Game Recap: Nearly a week late

A busy, busy week means no posting and I didn't even get the game recap done on Sunday. So plus side it won't be a stream of consciousness post and will probably be better edited.

So the game itself was nearly cancelled, half the party cancelled due to RL issues, so the group decided the that those who couldn't attend would return to town and the other half would go exploring these deep uncharted woods, rolling they convinced a trio of the halflings to accompany them as porters.

Angus and Giuseppe (the warrior dwarf and the wizard/thief Sicilian) decided to return to the Pixie and see what they could learn about the woods. Giuseppe traded access to the Fireworks spell ( a version of blast) for whatever the pixie thought fair and in return received a version of glamour. This particular glamour was of a 15 year old Irish Girl. The neat thing about the glamour spell (if you read the spell list at all) is that the more powerful you crank up the spell doesn't make the glamour better (its already top notch) it just allows you to affect more people. So at power level 2 (the most Giuseppe can cast it right now) he can affect two people, if a third person wanders by they would see him as he is. After a victorious social conflict with the pixie (despite both their atrocious social combat abilities), it explained to them where something "interesting" was, a giant tree (turns out a sequoia) was a few days north, and in its boughs was an even MORE interesting thing, through a 'strange bush'.

Running low on food during their travel north, Giuseppe used his herbalism skill to try and find some edible herbs (and picked up a handful) while Angus used his "Scavenging" skill to try and rustle something up, finding a gnawed-on elk leg in a tree. One of the halflings (after rolling) had a useful skill and hunted 2 rabbits. Their fire attracted a group of Pict hunters who (through implied chance of banditry) traded a boar, 2 rabbits and a pair of bronze knives for Angus's spare sledgehammer and a pair of silvers. They also explained where there village was, and suggested heading there for supplies and trade. They also warned of strange bears near the tree (which they knew of).

The party found the tree and didn't find any bears (though they found signs). Getting up the tree involved chopping down a smaller tree, climbing it, then having Giuseppe use his thief skill to climb the tree and lower all of their ropes knotted together. The halflings stayed below.

There they explored around, Giuseppe found a "flying rowan" (look it up in wikipedia) and decided to take it for its magical properties. They also found the bush, which smelled like meat. Taking a sample first, Giuseppe crawled through and found a lush paradise. Realising he had crossed planes into Gaia/Yggdrasil he took a few more samples before being ambushed by a giant carnivorous and venomous plant. A quick escape and retreat brought them deeper into the plane, and after running into some of its other inhabitants they doubled back. Using a captured fly as a spell component Giuseppe cast "Debigulate" (shrink version) on the plant to make it small enough to wrap in a blanket and uproot it. Luckily they managed to pull this off without getting poisoned(natural 20 when needed) and rush back through the bush. Knowing he had a 4 minute duration and he'd never get it down the tree (and it would starve up here) Giuseppe did something murderous and in character. He called a halfling to catch and drop it. The halfling caught it as it zipped down the rope, shortly after he looked into it..was paralyzed and fell over, the plant expanding and eating him.

Their low social scores (Charisma) ended up mattering as the other two halflings took what loot they could (including the food and a magic sword) and booked it. When they came down the tree they were pissed, but Giuseppe had some plant samples and some magic wood for a staff, so went to the woad villages. There they ran into the local trouble having too much money but being unable to buy anything. The village was small (75 or so people) and they couldn't spare labourers or beasts of burden as they were repairing the palisade since a wall had pretty much collapsed in a rain storm (due to the village being on a mound). Guiseppe decides to use his magic to aid with casting wall of thorns. To get the powerlevel that high so as to replace the damaged section he would need much more spellpower and mana. So I set him to work on describing an elaborate ritual with various components he had to get it. It involved the townsfolk planting seeds and throwing down piles of local thornbushes and weeds around the area, a giant bonfire in town square with nothing but thistles, chicken sacrifice and some other elements that required a few difficult (how did he roll so many 20's?) social conflicts. But sure enough he pulled it off and was able to cast the spell with the required power level.

Then they bought a few mules and crafted a plan to catch a dangerous beast plaguing the king's hunting preserve, the Keltic Tiger (renamed "Cringer" by them as it was a green tiger). First they decided to stop back at the pixie circle to have Giuseppe regain mana a little quicker. I had them roll social checks to see if they wore out their welcome. Giuseppe rolled a 1 and Angus a 20. Giuseppe thus woke up devoid of any hair with a bad case of diarrhea while Angus was gifted with a magical plaid hat of unknown purpose.

Heading into the king's preserve they found it to be a well groomed forest with wide spaces between the tree's devoid of brush. They set up camp, played the bagpipes and generally tried to attract the tiger. Unfortunately as Giuseppe was dealing with his medical issues they noticed a dense fog creeping in, and Giuseppe put together it was probably the evil druids that they raided the shrine of last month. Giuseppe had planted samples of thorns in a circle around the camp (using the poisonous samples he received from the carnivorous plant) and sprung his trap into action, summoning a wall of thorns around the camp. The problem was in the fog he didn't realise he was outside of it, while Angus and the mule were inside of it.

Giuseppe found a tree and climbed it, above the fog. Being a thief he was able to hide and see the Tiger in another tree, looking at the circle of thorns that extended through the top of the fog bank. The tiger jumped into the thorn circle, hearing the mule. Giuseppe meanwhile spied the druid and 2 woad flunkies with bows. He cast Fireworks upon the group and battled them from the tree, including a dryad the druid summoned.

Angus meanwhile engaged in a vicious fight, in the fog, around a fire, surrounded by a wall of thorns, with a rampaging mule kicking about. I used the area rules to assign this region a few new "lucky numbers", and rolled a d20 for the fire, thorns and mule. Each result was like a lucky number, in that if it was rolled you could use that trait to invent an opportunity attack. The tiger for example at one point rolled a 4 (the number for the fire pit) and declared that while dodging its attack Angus risked stepping into the fire. At one point Angus rolled an 18 and declared that after striking the tiger with his sledgehammer the tiger rolled behind the mule as it kicked about and risked a mule kick to the head.

Angus managed to knockout (and mangle to a large degree) the tiger with a few lucky rolls while Giuseppe killed the druid and its dryad and jumped into the circle of thorns onto the bed of the mules cart to avoid being killed by the two goons (as he was nigh dead). He botched the roll and took substantial damage from the fall, now requiring several weeks or perhaps even a month or more of healing to carry on.

Still, when Angus managed to smash down the thorns with his hammer (it took a while), everyone else was gone and they took the bound tiger back to the King's keep as a prize for the landsmeet (which would now be mid-session). To wind up the session they stopped by the Gypsy merchants (which arrived early) and bought a few trinkets including some Scotch and a few readings from the Gypsy Fortune telling which unfortunately were botched rolls and cost 2 valuable fate points from Giuseppe (I told the player the exact mechanics before he rolled and he still wanted in).

All in all fun was had by all, though they did dislike the "getting robbed by your pissed off henchmen" event they all agreed it was the right call.

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