Monday, June 14, 2010

Game Recap: And now for something completely different

So this game was one of politics and decisions. The full party was present and the game began centered around the landsmeet. Anastasia "the princess" sized up the different participants, who needed to be wooed and what not and got the low down.

The King, being broke after his funds magically disappeared, had sold one of three major land grants piecemeal to all the peasants who the party had given Ancient gold to in exchange for promoting them to Yeomen. This left a patch of sandy scrubland beside the bog (which the party had previously explored and found worthless) and a lakeside patch of land to the south. The other noble interested in setting up roots was the Knight Errant Sir Fordrick who had tried to slay the Keltic Tiger.

The mechanics worked as follows: Each noble and yeoman had an "Importance Score" as well as a difficulty in converting and the change they may already support either the princess (Such as the Pagan Knight "The Bear" or Yeoman MacDonald) or against (Such as Reeve Dole, and the Innkeeper yeoman). Whomever had the higher "Importance Number" for those in favour of them got first picks on the land. There were a limited number of "rounds" of social combat to schmooze and bargain.

This lets everyone in the party participate in the social conflict, even if they suck, because one person could not win in time (or not easily). Gifts were exchanged to score influence (giving the captured poodles to the kennelmaster, a gold donation to the king, first dance with the princess etc) and grudges were cashed in by the other side, but the PC's were willing to give a load of spoils and won the day.

There was also the matter of a foiled assassination attempts that night. The Dwarf (Angus) managed to track (natural 20) one of the fleeing assassins and had a frank and polite conversation on the grounds of professional courtesy. The dwarf agreed not to expose the hitmen in exchange for an end to the mark and the right to hire them later. They were unable to determine who hired them, beyond that two flunkies paid the assassins money in the marsh a week ago.

The PC's then bartered with the Gypsy's, paying an elaborate sum of money to get enough food for the halflings to make it through the winter as the village did not have enough extra. As the Gypsies don't keep staple goods, just luxury items..the halflings will spend the winter eating cheeses, jams and biscuits. They also purchased lumber and tools to set up some communal sod houses for the winter. The dwarf sold the demonic gem he stole from the Fungus demon to Giuseppe the wizard for 50 gold. Giuseppe then gave it to the Gypsy's to destroy in exchange for a draw from the fortune teller's deck of many things, drawing the Jack of Diamonds he ended up with +2 to his Magic score. Note that with the deck I don't make it "vulgar" or obvious magic but rather explain it as normal events. Had he gotten "The Knight" for example a 4th level fighter wouldn't pop out of the air, but a wandering knight would end up in such a situation as he would pledge his loyalty. So in this case the Gypsy saw his fortune and offered to teach him some of the mysteries of Gypsy "Star Magic".

The decided that rather than wintering in a sod house they would spend it in Edgarbourough and travelled there with the Gypsy's. On the way Giuseppe caused trouble of a romantic nature, but used a charm spell to bypass the problem. This intrigued the Gypsy Fortune teller who trade a version of the Weakness spell (named "Thinner") in exchange for a copy of the Charm spell.

Arriving in Edgarbourough they decided to throw me for a real loop. After purchasing some big city items with Anastasia's skill "Edgarbourough Underworld Contacts" they decided to book passage on a shady mercenary ship in the opiate running business and head to the Ivory Coast (of Africa). So off they went, the session ended with a big ole pirate battle as two Arabian dhows tried to board the galleon.

Two party members were in the crows nest firing down, the wizard hid in the captains quarters while the dwarf weighed into the melee. The wizard pulled off two interesting moves on one of the ships, firing up a 25 foot tall wall of thorns along the side of the ship and skewering a large number of enemies sailors attempting to swing over, as well as preventing half of the enemy sailors from boarding. Then he followed that up by a fireworks spell which slowly began decimating them and setting the ship on fire. Silas the gypsy swung from the crows nest and with a risky and ballsy move, smashed down the door to the other enemy ships captain's quarters. There they had a vicious sword fight, started a fire and ended up winning with an opportunity attack of kicking the enemy captain into a fire and through the rear window. Silas claimed the enemy captains charred hat (which became his trademark item).

The dwarf had been about to release the Tiger from the hold (yes they brought it), but didn't need to as the enemy surrendered. They managed to put out the fire on one of the ships and now its time to decide if they can lead the prize crew to claim to Dhow.

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