Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Updates to Piecemeal 1e: Good ideas expanded

The recent gaming with a fresh group (including some first time role players) and I've got more data to feed into refining and streamlining the game.

Some are fairly quick add ins (a few new combat tricks) as content. Others deal with the success of a previous idea and making its mechanic more integral. In this case the mechanic is deciding the nature of an attack after the roll (but before the defense roll), this adds quick and easy tactics to the roll. Shield blocking, Power attacks and wild attacks will all use this mechanic now (fully removing the last of the old combat system).

Social combat is getting a bit of a trim down and some inclusion of the same mechanic. The rules for possession are getting an update, instead of a normal "debate" they now represent attacks directly on the vices of the characters, abstracted to a number of "soul points" and the ability to use luck points. This really gives something for bard characters to do in dungeons.

Expect the updated version (and text dump that goes with it) very soon.

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