Thursday, May 20, 2010

An awesome encounter I just can't place

So I've had this idea for an awesome encounter for some time in two variants, the problem being I can't place it in the type of games I run, it is a very cheesy illogical "Screw you" encounter to kick it up a notch.

The gist is to either A) have a medusa and a vampire teamed up or my personal favourite B) have a vampire pretending to be a medusa.

In the case of B the vampire's castle would be conspicuously festooned with very well made marble statues of warriors and common folk with a look of abject terror on their face. All of the mirrors would have been smashed to pieces, with many small breed pet snakes roaming loose. The crumbling Gothic castle would have much neoclassical add-ons and ancient antiquities. Portraits of individuals in classic swords and sandals attire, columns, Greek phrases over the archways.

The vampire herself would either have a wig of live snakes, dead snakes or a magical glamour/illusion depending on the level of magic in the world. Clues could (and should) be available in the journals that the vampire was enthralled by the ancient era in life and views hiding from the sun as an analogy for the medusa having to hide from the world.

In either A or B the gamist situation has players looking in vain into a mirror to avoid being turned to stone, and being unable to see or strike at the "medusa" unless they risk a glance and realise it is not a medusa at all.

Unfortunately I just can't see a place to put such an encounter for the time being.

Also: The updated piecemeal exe and text files have been released.


  1. Fantastic idea of a vampire posing as a medusa! I may even try to put something together for my players, as they are about to travel to another area where a mysterious castle lies.

    Thumbs up for the great idea.

  2. This is awesome.
    Just a thought - why not have a vampire medusa?