Friday, April 16, 2010

Order of the D30: Leading Questions Background Generator

A good method at pickup games, con-games or for when your last character was unexpectedly eaten by a grue and you need to roll up another one RIGHT NOW, is to have a series of leading questions.

I recommend rolling a d30 against the table below and answering the leading the question. I say its a leading question because it forces events and facts upon your character while forcing you to give a context of why.

Example: On a roll of 8 you must answer "What crime do they say you committed?", this forces the fact upon you that people say you committed a crime. A roll of 4 is "Who killed your teacher?", forcing the facts that you both had a teacher and that someone killed them.

Leading Questions Background Generator:

1- How did they die when you were supposed to be on watch?
2- Why can you never return home?
3- Why is the frontier the only place you can make a new life?
4- Who killed your teacher?
5- Why does your family disown you?
6- Why does your brother disown you?
7- Why does your sister disown you?
8- What crime do they say you committed?
9- Why do you despise your parents?
10- Why are you so unsettled by open water?
11- How did you get that scar on your face?
12- How did spending a month scavenging change you?
13- How do you feel knowing that someone died saving your life?
14- Why were you so terribly and nigh fatally bored with your lot in life before?
15- Who gave you that trinket?
16- Why do you feel the need to always keep a razor hidden on you?
17- How did it feel to finally stand victorious, if only barely, against your old rival?
18- Why did you kill the bandit?
19- Why didn't you kill the bandit?
20- How did jail change you?
21- Why did you enlist in the military?
22- Why did you run away from home as a child?
23- Why does your home town love you?
24- Why would your old job take you back in a second?
25- How does it feel to wake up and know you have saved dozens of lives?
26- Why are you welcome any time in the wealthy merchants home?
27- Does it bother you that they named a school after you?
28- What was your near-death experience like?
29- Why did you give all of that money back?
30- Roll twice more, answer both

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