Sunday, March 21, 2010

Piecemeal 1e - Beta Released

The link on the left has been updated, the beta version of Piecemeal 1e has been released. This is still in .exe format though in a much cleaner view. There is still a lot of work and some additional content I wouldn't mind adding in, but at this point it is better than the previous alpha that was up. If you are not satisfied with the current state of the .exe I promise to refund you 100% of the money I received from your download.

In terms of technical improvements for anyone who has downloaded the alpha, the ability to copy and paste has been added, as has a previous and next button.

Content has been updated and streamlined and I hope improved.


  1. I am really curious why you are making folks jump through your .exe hoop.
    --Odd way to gain broad playtesting feedback.

    Eager to read your response.

  2. Easier to make changes to layout primarily. I could include it in a text file, but the formatting sucks. PDF's require their own hoops (I recently had to switch my viewer to 'Foxit Reader' to read the 1 page dungeon room contest PDF). I honestly find I get more feedback when I compare the feedback I've gotten from the .exe to the Adventuring party PDF. Adventuring Party! gets a tonne more downloads but almost no feedback, and I'd wager its largely novelty that makes people do more than skim over the .exe.

    I've had several hundred downloads of Adventuring Party! and 3 comments on it, 2 of which were 'Cool'. I've had probably under 50 people download and test Piecemeal and I've received A LOT of good feedback (criticism)

    I make the .exe mono-compliant (or it appears to be each time I run it on a linux machine) so it's less of a hoop than .pdf for most users as Mono is standard on many linux distributions and on windows it just works.

    Again though, I understand that makes little difference if you don't WANT to view rules in an .exe. I myself really HATE viewing PDFs of rules, so if I want to read a .PDF I print it. That can cost a pretty penny in ink so I only do that if I REALLY want to read it.

    Thus I fully understand that for some people its the reverse, no pdf, no download.

  3. Okay. Thanks for the reply.
    --I'm out until you go to print, then.


  4. If you would like the rules in text file let me know, I can do requests, it just isn't as pretty ( .pdf won't be available until the rules are tweaked to a full version release and thus no future need for constant rework).

  5. I can't get at the file myself. I don't even know what MONO compliant even means. My machine can't touch it.

  6. Mono is a program that allows you to open and run .exe file types (in the same way Foxit or Adobe Acrobot allows you to open .pdf file types).

    Even outside of this one ruleset, Mono is immensely useful for Linux and Mac users(allowing you to run any mono compliant windows app).

    That said, I also extend the same offer if you are really interested in digging through the rules of me making a text version for your.