Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Looking to gather an online test game

Part of any rules test is testing it with a group you are not familiar with, how much of any new mechanic is good fun design and how much is a design perfected to a super niche of one particular group make up?

Thus I am looking to start up on online game, based most likely around maptool for Piecemeal 1e. If anyone who does not run a windows system or who does not like the .exe format is seriously interest I can provide a text to pdf version of the rules on a case by case basis.

Ideally a party of 3-5 brave souls for a short campaign with options to extend if fun and merryment is had by all.

Any interest?


  1. Time/schedule information forthcoming?

  2. That is an important point to bring up:

    Im in the eastern timezone, so it would need to be weekday evenings or on the weekend. I would try to accomdate as many schedules as possible. If you are interested please email me your availabilities to liberinterdico at gmail dor com

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