Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Fresh Pie! Updating class structure

As the release of Piecemeal 1e Beta draws closer (finishing the wizard spells, and then a few bits on planes and deities), I thought I'd share an update on an old favourite PIE , spurred on by reading this post.

As a slight refinement to the current Alpha piecemeal state, classes will still be the listed five: Warrior, Wizard, Priest, Bard, Thief/Rogue/Specialist (still finicky with the name of that one).

But each class has its own "attribute" and a listing of 5 powers. Each pie piece you choose in a class ups the rate at which you gain attribute points and increases the number of powers you can choose.

For example, warriors gain a combat modifier faster and bards gain presence (social conflict modifier). The normal distribution is as follows.

Pie Pieces...Bonus
0..................1/3 level
1..................1/2 level
2..................1 level
3..................1 level + 1 per milestone
4..................1 level + 2 per milestone

The also get to choose a number of powers based on the number of pie pieces. 1 for 1 pie piece, 3 for 2, 5 for 3 and the special bonus power for 4. As characters only start with 3, the 4th bonus power is a high level gift for specialists.

So a 2 part warrior, 1 part rogue would gain the following benefits:
+1 combat modifier per level
+1/2 stealth modifier per level
+1/3 Presence, rank etc per level.

3 powers from:
Weapon Specialization
Combat Tricks
Shield Use
Dual Wielding
Combat Reflexes

1 power from:
Detect Traps

Thus we might end up with a "Ranger" taking Combat Tricks, Dual Wielding, and Specialization from warrior and Tracking from Rogue.

This makes it a bit easier to learn the benefits of each class with a bit of standardization (rather than random powers per pie piece level) and increases customization.

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  1. Interesting implementation.
    --I'm still looking forward to the playtest rules. :)