Friday, February 5, 2010

Suggested change of PC race to include two fantasy genres

So, as Im building Piecemeal 1st Edition (unlike the older 0e piecemeal), I'm mulling a decision on altering the player races to have two settings. One for a Low Fantasy game, and one for a Mythic game. Take the dwarf.

In Low Fantasy game the dwarf is much as one would expect from every stock fantasy RPG, with maybe one or two quirks I like. Notably they see in black and white with the exception of Gold and Gemstones, hence their love of wealth.

In a mythic game, a dwarf could reproduce asexually by crafting another version of himself. This would be a painstaking, expensive process and would grant the new dwarf a certain percentage of his "father's" memories (say 30-100% at random). Thus dwarven grudges would last for a long time, since many generations down the line would still remember the slight as if it happened to them personally, they may even forget that forgiveness had been granted but remember the slight. Dwarves in this case would be subterranean because the light of the sun ages them, eventually turning them to stone over several years exposure. Dwarves would only venture out if the need absolutely requires it, such as to gain more wealth, to build a son (whom sharing most memories would be unquestionably trustworthy, at least until experiences drift too much).

In a Low Fantasy game, we know how elves behave. In a mythic game the elves may be literal nature spirits, emerging from plants like a disturbing Anne Geddes picture brought to life. Their bones are made of wood and they will die off if removed from the wilds for too long, creatures truly anathema to civilization. Of course this would limit the ability for the "High Elves" of Tolkien with their glittering towers and shinning elven steel.

The exact details I am still working out, but I do like the options to more easily break away from certain moulds.

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