Saturday, February 6, 2010

Screenshot of 1e format

Here is a screenshot of the new easier to read and better organized format:

The pages will all have (barring section covers) identical formats. Navigation links on the left, glossary links on the bottom, images and the right and the main text in the center. The central text is selectable (thus you can copy paste) and you can scroll. There is also a history feature so you can move back and forth between different pages in a section quickly and easily.
For those of you without either a windows machine or the desire to run this file through Mono, the pages are also now being stored in a controlled format. This will allow me to quickly export every page to a text file fairly quickly, which is then a fairly quick jump to at least a basic PDF.
Ideally Beta 1 should be ready within a few months at most (depending on my work schedule). So far I've managed to port over about a quarter of the content (also it's the easy quarter however).
This has caused me to be slightly quieter on this blog, but I wanted to assure you I am not dead, merely working on getting this finished. Once the Beta wraps up. I HOPE to have full fledged final version for a Paper, PDF and Electronic release by the end of the year.
I'd like to thank everyone for their support and feedback, it has been very helpful and I hope it will continue to be as helpful, motivating and constructive.


  1. Looking forward to the 1e .pdf version. :)


  2. Mono, didn't think about that. I tried Wine and read something about .net not working well or some lib of .net or something.

    If I didn't know there was a revised and pdf version coming out I'd proly go back and try to get mono up and running. I did enjoy "exploring" your exe rules when I did have a windows box.

  3. I will try to still include easter eggs, it just won't be as easy for me to hide them. I've already got a few tucked away in the new version.