Monday, January 4, 2010

So you all meet in a tavern and instantly trust each other...again

Part of Piecemeal is a quick system for generating characters (Schrodinger's Character). Part of this speed in character generation is making new characters fit in with the party. This is where the group template rules of Piecemeal fit in.

Rules as written:

Group Templates are built using "Connectors". Connectors are generic forms of social bonds between individuals.
Each character should be connected to at least two different social bonds to two different individuals in the adventuring party.
Each social bond gies you a benefit (Gain) but has an associated penalty (cost).
The last option is the choice of the target (the other side of the social bond) gains the opportunity to confirm the connection. This alters the gain and cost social bond, often impacting themselves instead of you.
So if Reginald lists "Like Family" to Alberto then the listed gains and cost apply. This does not mean that Alberto considers Reginald family, to do that he would "confirm" the bond, perhaps by stating they are cousins or childhood friends. Then the changes in "Confirm" occur.
You cannot (without GM permission) list a single bond more than twice, nor have more than one bond with an individual.

Sample Connectors:

"A history of tough scrapes"

Gain: Start with an additional 300xp
Cost: 1 fate
Confirm: Target also gains 300xp, but loses 1 fate in addition

example: Old war buddies would a confirmed relationship connector. The family bodyguard, or a soldier who server with the target's father would be unconfirmed. The bodyguard had often been looking after the target, but the target was probably never even aware. The soldier may have a promise to look after the target of which the target doesn't truly understand.

"Like Family.."

Gain: -
Cost: 1 fate
Confirm: You gain 2 fate, target loses 1 fate instead of you paying the cost

example: (See above)

"Protective Of.."
Gain: Target gains 1 fate
Cost: 1 fate
Confirm: target starts at level 0 (-50xp) instead of cost
example: A burly warrior who is looking after his friend's kid sister would be an unconfirmed, he is protective of the kid sister but she doesn't care. If the kid sister was a nervous and scared person who always runs to the character in danger then its a confirmed relationship.

Why is this good?

This allows a new group to be quickly built and have a cohesive reason to bond togethor. The alternative is either more time or THIS (first 30 seconds)

Why is this bad?

If people don't in time flesh this out, its not much better than nothing. That said it forces people to immediatly think about WHY these people trust each other with their lives.

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