Friday, December 4, 2009

Play Example: Social Conflict

I'll be running through an interesting social conflict tonight, so I thought I'd write it up in two parts. The first part (this one) will deal with the participants and situation.

Participant 1.) The King of New Balos

A brooding warlord in possession of a formidable fighting force, but a small and newly settled kingdom unable to sustain it in the long term. The kingdom is situated in a swamp and the bordering foothills of the nearby mountain range.

Level: 5
Class: 2 part warrior, 1 part bard
Intelligence: 11
Awareness: 16
Social: 13

Participant 2.) The Lord of the River Cities

A wandering specialist who through a combination of intrigue and military might has conquered or taken as allied vassals the cities and towns along a major river, up until it reaches the swamp. The once poor and backwater towns and villages are becoming prosperous due to the unified market and trade opportunities of the river. The lord has developed a reputation for beginning to dabble in dangerous magics in his court.

Level: 12
Class: 2 part warrior, 1 part thief, 1 part wizard
Intelligence: 13
Awareness: 14
Social: 10

Scenario: The two neighbouring kingdoms have each had issues with the neighbouring Empire of the Talon in its continual conquest of other nations. To their other side is the Grand Kingdom of the Eagle, which has recently assimilated (forcefully) the League of independent knights, in its own bid to counter the oppressive strength of the Empire of the Talon. Combined with the plague that has recently run through the region, killing over a quarter of the populace of some towns and cities, and it is a dangerous time to be a small fish in the big pond.

These two small kingdoms will need to work out arrangements for mutual defence, but they each have their own differing (and religiously motivated) views on how that should go down.

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