Tuesday, December 29, 2009

"Dragon-Age: Origins" or "How I lost my weekend"

So I was out on boxing day (not willingly) and picked up "Dragon Age: Origins", I figured what the hell? I can depart with $60 pretty easily. 2.5 days and 22hrs of gameplay later I managed to free myself from its grasp and still long to play more. The game is fantastic.. and while it would be so railroady I could puke as a pen and paper game, as a roleplaying game its the most open since Fallout 2.

Now I could act all elitist about how it seems to borrow more than a little heavily from Games Workshop in some areas (Grey Wardens and Grey Knights or the role of Mages), Im not going to. Because its awesome in GW games and its awesome in Dragon Age. Besides, GW didn't exactly invent dwarves nor elves themselves.

Engrossing story, fleshed out world that is still quite familiar and great gameplay. Some things are annoying on a technical level (the way saving works, better autosaving would be nice given how easy death is in some parts)

But kudos, the game is great. I recommend it to those few fellow foot draggers like myself who shied away from its hype.

Plus..every time I play it I can't help but hum "Hawaii Five-O"


  1. Oh, yeah. I've been spending way too much time on DA:O. And Return to Ostegar comes out soon!

  2. I've got it waiting the wings, once I finish Fallout 3 (I don't play a lot of X-Box so it takes me a while to get through games).

    You say "the most open since Fallout 2" - have you tried Fallout 3? It's insanely open-ended, so much so that you can largely disregard the main quest and play the game for dozens of hours as a complete sandbox.

  3. Im very familiar with fallout 3, and while it is open ended for a modern video game, its far more railroady than fallout 2, and thus far its alot more railroady than Dragon Age. Keep in mind, even fallout 2 is about as open ended as a mediocre GM for pen and paper games, but for a CRPG its pretty damn broad.