Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Marine Voyages

One thing I've frequently dealt with in games is naval travel and combat. Be it tri-remes or galleons, my group loves to get in boats to get from A to B (or more usually from A to Ω) faster. Invariably this means they run into long sea voyages (with needs to resupply, get crew etc) and of course naval combat.

I've had several naval rules sets, but none I've loved. invariably it involves a simple set of rules with turning and speed, and wind rules. Combat for boarding actions involves skirmish level combat (rules for which are always also WIP and I'll post later), while weapon mounts and rams and fire focus on the other main aspects.

This almost always involves miniatures and a measuring tape, though I am always struggling against that (miniatures are fine, I just like being able to not need them).

These rules also tend to work best when each PC is captain of their own ship. I am planning to put these out as a separate PDF for play testers (they would be very plug and play, or even a game in their own right) if anyone is interested?

Any takers?


  1. Yes. I'd be interested. I'm currently running an island-based campaign and I alternate between kicking myself and patting myself on the back (and sometimes both at once, which causes a loss of balance...).


  2. Here's my email address: