Friday, October 23, 2009

Holy Symbols as weapons

One thing I notice lacking in RPG's with clerics or priests is that the holy symbol is rarely a direct weapon in its own right. When Van-Ripoff slams a crucifix into a vampire I expect that vampire to sizzle. That being said, I also always like the quote often used in horror movies "Without faith, the cross is only Iron".

One of the miracles in Piecemeal solves this issue.

Icon weapon:

This miracle allows the priest to make a suitable item into a weapon that harms mystical creatures. The item does 2d4+1 damage and gains +1 to hit (requiring no skill to use). The weapon has a speed of 5. The holy item must have a personal history with the priest in question.

Time to call forth: Speed = Priest's Rank

Piety 1 per round


Why is this good? It allows items like rosary beads to be used in direct action against a ghost..or a druid to take a fresh oak branch and destroy an undead with the flick of the wrist, while still preventing it from being mass produced and thus destroying the low magic setting.


  1. A nice take on an effect which is a mainstay of good horror movies!

    How long does the icon need to be with the character before it's got a personal history?

    I'd suggest that the item can only be wielded by a believer in that faith to be effective. In the hands of a non-believer, the item has no bonus to hit and only does 1d4 damage.

  2. In this case you do need to have Piety points in question to use the miracle. The idea being only the faithful can use the holy icon to burn the enemy.

    "without faith, the cross is only iron"