Thursday, October 15, 2009

Example combat tricks

A throwback to an old post , I'll toss up some examples of the combat tricks a warrior can learn when he fights new and interesting opponents.

Special Maneuver - Response Maneuver
Mastery: 1 mp
Effect: The warrior immediately deals an amount of temporary damage to the target equal to the targets movement rate. The target may not suffer more damage in this manner than the warrior's strength score. The target must pass a health check or be knocked prone.

The warrior must have just scored an epic success dodge against a charging humanoid attacker of the same size category.


Humiliation Strike
Special Maneuver - Weapon Maneuver
Mastery: 5 MP
The warrior may make an immediate standard attack upon his opponent. If this attack connects it gives the warrior +1 to his awesomeness score at the end of the session for each point of damage dealt.

The warrior must have just disarmed his opponent and then in turn wielded the weapon (see advanced disarm). This is the weapon that is used in the attack.

Throw the Gun!
Special Maneuver - Cinematic Maneuver
Mastery: 0 MP
The warrior throws an empty firearm at the target, if it connects the warrior rolls a luck die and costs the target that many luck points.

The warrior must have fired the weapon until it was empty at the target. More than half of the shots must have connected (not dodged or blocked) and have dealt no damage to the target. The fire must have been completely ineffective.

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