Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The plane of the dead

I received some interest on my previous post about the planes, as a setting point. So I thought I'd throw in another dose, though I should point out in Piecemeal there is a fully fleshed out cosmology.

The Inner Planes
The inner planes represent planes that are very close to reality. There are more than likely several spots throughout the normal world where the paths and portals to the inner planes exist.
The inner planes are the 4 (or maybe 5?) elemental planes
- Earth, Air, Water, Fire

The 3 planes of life and death and in-between
- Gaia (plane of life)
- Shadowrealm
- Sheol

And the plane that may be an elemental plane
- The astral plane

Today's plane:

The plane of the dead is a dimly lit, colourless place, cold with howling winds. Anyone on the plane will notice they see everything, even themselves, in black and white. It is a vast, flat, gray plane. Several rivers flow through the plane, but their waters cause truly terrible effects on those who touch them, let alone drink from them. Every now and then a traveler will see a dead tree in the ground, the results of mishaps in the past from plane shifting wizards. There are sinkholes across the plane that lead into a vast underground maze of catacombs. While the sky seems to diffuse a pale light above ground, underground is dark and is the source of the howling winds. The cavern walls are sharp and jagged rocks that wind through a maze. The plane is populated by the souls of the dead as they await (or hide from) their judgment. Forts from infernal beings who previously rounded up the unclaimed or unwanted souls, chasing the helpless across the gray plains or through the winding tunnels dot the plane. But at some point the spirits of the dead managed to unite and, with mysterious outside help, built great stone cities of the dead. Each city is ruled by a powerful spirit, usually a wizard and almost always as a brutal tyranny, though still a far better eternity than being rounded up by a demonic press gang. Active infernal outposts also dot the plane, waging war with both each other and the cities of the dead. Living beings heal neither body nor luck damage on the plane of the dead and nothing on the plane is edible. Powerful undead occasionally seek refuge here, as they regenerate mana at twice the normal rate.

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