Friday, July 17, 2009

What im working on for 0.3 Piecemeal

Hello readers. Today as part of my "phone it in Friday" I'm going to write about something that might actually BE interesting. Part of my plans for 0.3 of Piecemeal deals with group templates.

These are useful in any starting game, but mostly with schrodinger's characters. Basically a character can choose two "starting group conditions" from a list. Each ties you to another character in the game. You cannot be tied to the same character twice.

Each "tie-in" gives you a small penalty and a small bonus, if the other player confirms the relationships, they take a small penalty instead and you gain a larger bonus.

One of the examples:

"Only in it for the money"
- Gain one additional starting item
- At first level you have half your maximum starting luck points.
If confirmed by another player, your luck points are normal, but they lose a starting item.
If both of your starting "tie-ins" are unconfirmed "only in it for the money" then you start with but a single luck point at first level.

Now, if you are wondering where I am drawing inspirations for the connections from, I'm not gonna lie..I got a lot of inspiration from the "hire stories" in Firefly (and a few other sources). The one above was obviously Jane.

Why is this good?

1.) It helps alleviate the tired old "You meet in a bar and instantly become best friends who trust each other in life and death situations".
2.) It instantly builds connections (Brothers, Lovers, Mentors. Mercenaries and Students).
3.) They only represent starting conditions, they can change as the characters grow.
4.) They aren't unilateral.

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