Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Rolling a 1 for hit points.

We all know the situation, after hard fought and grueling adventures (or sometimes just starting out) your character rolls for more hit points and gets a 1. The sour look on your face cannot be masked merely by giving a fake smile and saying "well, 1 more than I had before".

Now bypassing that Piecemeal uses luck points instead of hit points, I'd like to mention how Piecemeal handles this issue.

When you go up a level, Luck points are still rolled. The difference is you roll for all your levels all over again. So instead of rolling 1d6 your 5th level thief would roll 5d6. If this number is higher than his previous total he takes the new result.

Why is this good?

1.) It still keeps the uncertain element, the unknown risk. Rolling dice is fun in its own way.
2.) It maintains the old risk (even increases it since you may gain no new luck points) without leaving that foul taste of permanent lost opportunities. After all..there is always next roll!
3.) If you use level draining villains (I no longer do) this makes it way easier than keeping track of how many hit points were gained on each specific level (as at least some versions of the game tell you to do).
4.) If a player has rolled so terribly they are risking going several levels without more luck points (or even they just want more this level) they can always use up some of their re-rolls.

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  1. I've often toyed with that idea. It's neat to see someone is instituting that method.