Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The old guru who guards the mountain monastery eternally

One of the goals I strive for in Piecemeal is that any trope and NPC can accomplish, a PC can accomplish. In this case it is the trope of the aging priest, monk or holy man who sits eternally in some secluded mountain temple, or perhaps spends an eternity guarding the holy grail in a trap filled dungeon.

In piecemeal this is the miracle called "Unaging", as long as a priest is both in a state of grace (high piety stockpile), and standing upon holy ground, they do not age. Should they ever leave holy ground or fall from grace, they gain back all of their "skipped age" within 24 hours.

This allows a recreation of this trope without making it a "must perform" action. This also explains why the incredibly powerful Paladin spends his days minding a dilapidated cemetery in the woods and sends the young heroes to defeat the goblins rather than doing it easily himself (yet at the same time providing them with training and a safe haven)

So whether you are the last Grail Knight resetting traps of the first Ghost Rider giving it one last ride with Nicholas Cage you can use this miracle for the effect.

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  1. I really like that, nice way to bring that classic trope to life in-game.