Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Why "Intro to RPG" games should use six siders only

This is a bit of a controversial statement I know. I want it to be clear I like all the wacky dice, and I think using them GREATLY improves the dice rolling experience. But I make this statement out of pragmatism.

People do not want to devote alot of time or effort to something new they are "iffy" on. Getting any kind of commitment to set a time can be (more) difficult.

When I made "Adventuring Party!" I wanted it to be easy to use to introduce new players to. That means supplies have to be easy.

When I stopped by to show someone how its played I only needed an hour (which we had in waiting) and supplies already present. Paper, Pencils, Standard Dice,Poker Chips, and Pennies. Swiped from the poker set, Yahtzee game and swear jar.

I personally don't carry gamer dice on me, so If the game required them It couldn't be done so spontaneously. Now this can be a little disengenous if you expect to carry printed rules (even if just 20 pages with adventures) but not dice. However most homes have a PC and printer these days, so it wasn't an issue.

People tend to put things off, if you can't be spontaneous with introducing them to a roleplaying game it may take months if ever before things stop "coming up" and bumping you. Don't think of "Adventuring Party!" as the indepth game you'll play for years, think of it as part of the "Sales Pitch" to get them to invest time into another system. Its the Movie Trailer of RPGs and I've had great succes with it.

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