Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Why an EXE instead of a PDF?

On the matter of why I chose to put Piecemeal in an .exe format. There are a few different reasons why that is the case. The first is that Piecemeal (unlike Adventure Party!) does feature a lot of rules. A large peeve of mine is the difficulty in cross referencing rules to other pertinent rules inside of RPG books. The ability to click to a term as it is mentioned (in case you have forgotten or simply not read about that term yet) is a large feature. Piecemeal is also designed as a plug and play system, so that you can remove bits and without too much fuss..add them into your own game system of choice. The compartmentalization offered by an interactive program allows for quick reference during play (as laptops are becoming almost a standard in many game tables). The last reason is to aid with virtual tabletop gaming, platforms (Some free some not) that allow old spread out gaming groups (such as my own) still play classic pen and paper role playing games on our computers, thousands of miles from each other. PDFs of the size required by Piecemeal are unlikely to be printed out, so any viewing of the rules would have to be on a computer regardless. For a shorter RPG (such as Adventure Party) where it is not rules heavy, and where printing is a viable option, I chose to put it in simple PDF format.

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