Monday, June 22, 2009

System Neutral Sizzle Cards!

These cards are inspired by an article over at Stupid Ranger.Print these cards on standard business cards (4 by 7 ratio) and shuffle them up. Each player and the GM draw one sizzle card per game. Players can play the Sizzle card at any time by reading the text. Where a specific mechanic isn’t mentioned the player (usually with GM fiat) explains how this relates to the current situation. If you get into a lot of fights over the nature of these cards, your group probably isn’t one that should be using these cards.

Get them here (click save as)


  1. Side note: Todd Bradley was the one who introduced the concept to Stupid Ranger and has shown some of his own cards (which are snazzy) on Stupid Ranger in the sizzle card comments.

  2. There are some really fun ones in your set! I can see all kinds of chaos and mayhem and fun!