Thursday, June 18, 2009

Adventuring Party! Updated

If you head on over to or's independent and small press section you can get the latest update to "Adventuring Party!"


Layout changed (mostly) to two columns.

Changes to "Bribing a Guard"
Changes to Bolt and Stun in magic.
Added the Torch Bearer and Porter as Henchmen
Lantern can now be thrown as a small blast item


Well I've been showcasing this to a lot of non-gamers, and frankly they like it and as I played it more and more I noticed some things I thought could be smoothed over and improved upon. Just because its an intro game doesn't mean its not worth improving.

Why no pictures?

As mentioned earlier this is designed to be able to be used in a pinch, meaning I want it to be easily printable from someones computer without draining all their ink (that's just rude).

I am working on another version that will have all the fancy layout one comes to expect in any role playing game you'd place in your gamer shelf. But I will always make sure there is an "easy print" version available.

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